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2010-03-12 - 2:15 p.m.

So it did take longer than expected to update... sorry about that but I never realised just how hard it is to work full time!

I really love my job, the work is challenging and time consuming, my boss is unbelievably knowledgable on almost every topic and everybody I work with is nice.

Greg is still amazing and I am so in love. We're currently in Austria on our ski holiday. The place is called Lech am Arlberg and it's beautiful. We're in a cute hotel which has utterly adorable rooms - light wood furniture and spring flower wreaths on the wall. The people everywhere are very friendly and helpful, the lady of the house remembers how you like your egg in the morning and if you prefer tea to coffee. The master of the house calls his friends for dinner reservations and even the people at the ski rental place remember that you told them it was going to be your first time and they ask you about it accordingly.

We arrived on Saturday to thick fat snowflakes and ended up staying in. There was chaos on the streets and I was glad Greg had convinced me to take public transport rather than George my 24year old Toyota whose been having trouble with the cold lately.

Sunday I had 4h of private lessons with a ski teacher. He was really patient and fun to be around and after a half an hour I was already coming down the hill unsteadily but safely. He promised me I'd never fall and I never did. I really enjoyed skiing because I learned really quickly.
I did decide to switch to the snowboard though because I really wanted to learn that as well.

Monday and Tuesday I went out and Greg helped me with the Snowboard. He was an absolute darling, running around after me, catching me, steadying me, telling me there was no reason to be so stroppy I was doing fine ;)

As I didn't feel I was good enough with the turns I got the same ski teacher to help me with the snowboard on Wednesday. I got better after a while but basically all I need is practice and a lot of courage. The problem is that you always have to lean forward, down the hill and not back towards safety.

In the evening we went to a restaurant and were seated with a old couple. I thought she was around sixty with him being a bit over but it turned out they were around seventy. They are really active, spending the winter skiing (carving) and the summer sailing, gliding and playing tennis. They travel a lot and she does a lot of yoga. The stunning thing apart from their youthfulness was the way they still seemed in love. They constantly touched each others arms and smiled at each other. The way they looked at each other you could have thought they were teenagers freshly in love.
I want to be like that!

Thursday we made a break because it was snowing and also my legs and arms were really aching. We had a really fun lazy day together where we just stayed in our room, played draughts, chess (ok, I was crap at that), merels, watched tv and spent a bit of time on the net planning our summer holiday in Scotland.

Today (Friday) is a beautifully sunny day but I'm being a wuss and am staying in. I'm just to exhausted (physically and mentally) to throw myself down the hill again. I hated giving up but I know my body and it was screaming for more rest. I've slept all morning and am really enjoying the afternoon in the sun.

I am truly loving my life at the moment, I'm adventurously trying out new things and am traveling. I have the man of my dreams by my side and have a great job. Yay!

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