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2010-10-26 - 2:24 p.m.

The bookkeeping department usually eats together once a month but because one guy is ill and one lady is on holiday and their boss didn't want to eat with his team... they asked me to join them.
We went to this place called the Viadukt - it's actually literally the old viaduct and for decades there have been little illegal shops / restaurants turning up under the arches and disappearing again.
A few years ago someone came up with the plan to make it fancy and it was ready some time in spring this year.
I've always wanted to go but somehow never got round to it.
It's marvellous! The shops look like placed you'd love to browse around in and they seem effortlessly cool and interesting.
The restaurant was understated with three items on the menu and everybody said their dish was really tasty. I had crepe filled with ricotta, pumkin and mushrooms which was then baked and served with rocket salad. yum!

I'm settling in at work but having such a hectig job with so much responsibility means you earn a decent amount but don't have any time to eat properly or to work out. I often get annoyed with my eating habits as I just go out and eat with everyone but seldom like what I eat. Sure it's tasty but usually it's really expensive, heavy, too much and not all that healthy.

So despite today costing as much as usual I really enjoyed eating something so fresh and light.

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